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Pushback on rent increase

Dec 28, 2017
Increase the highest in five years Allowable rent increase for month-to-month tenants set at 4 per cent for 2018, t ...
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B.C. to close fixed-term rental loophole

Dec 21, 2017
B.C. announces legislation to close fixed-term rental loophole. If passed, new rules will apply to both new and exi ...
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Civil Resolution Tribunal

Dec 15, 2017
Civil Resolution Tribunal – Strata Managers Responsibilities The strata council can pay a strata property manager t ...
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New Rules could disqualify 10% of buyers

Nov 30, 2017
New mortgage rules could disqualify 10% of buyers says Bank of Canada New mortgage stress tests coming in 2018 coul ...
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Sean Paulsen Top 40 Under 40

Sep 27, 2017
Sean Paulsen was a fresh-faced young man of 20 when he first joined Associated Property Management in Kelowna. But ...
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Kelowna’s Future Development

Sep 25, 2017
Kelowna has been named the fastest growing city in British Columbia, and with population growth comes new developme ...
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Mission Group Behind Bernard Ave Purchase

Sep 13, 2017
Local development group behind purchase of Bernard Ave’s Bargain Shop site The purchase of the 1.5 acre site in the ...
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Rental Shortage Gets Worse

Sep 12, 2017
Kelowna rental shortage gets worse while vacation renters profit May is a popular moving date for many people livin ...
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Canadian Rental Market

Aug 21, 2017
Kelowna is ranked number 7 in the country on the graph attached above. Vancouver has hit the top spot for the most ...
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City of Kelowna Makes Big Purchase

Aug 04, 2017
City buys $11M property The City of Kelowna has forked over $11 million for 140 acres of property on Highway 97N. T ...
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Strata contracts open to negotiation

Jul 17, 2017
Dear Tony: Our 200-unit strata is searching for a new management company and one of our requests was for the compan ...
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Kelowna’s Renaissance

Jun 26, 2017
Thanks to a thriving tech industry that has seen more than a 30 per cent growth in just two years, Kelowna has seen ...
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