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Civil Resolution Tribunal

December 15, 2017

Civil Resolution Tribunal – Strata Managers Responsibilities

The strata council can pay a strata property manager to help run the strata corporation. Strata property management companies offer a range of services.

Strata property managers are licensed and regulated by the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC). RECBC also addresses public complaints about strata property managers.

Strata property managers might help the strata by:

  • Attending strata council meetings
  • Preparing the minutes of all meetings, including strata council meetings
  • Distributing minutes from meetings to owners
  • Preparing annual budgets and financial statements
  • Collecting strata fees and other money owed to the strata corporation
  • Paying strata corporation bills
  • Securing suitable insurance for the strata corporation
  • Keeping records for the strata corporation
  • Providing access to strata corporation records
  • Preparing documents on behalf of the strata corporation, such as an Information Certificate (Form B) or Certificate of Payment (Form F)
  • Entering into contracts and arranging services for the strata corporation for things like landscaping, insurance, electrical services, maintenance, and more
  • Hiring and supervising employees who work for the strata corporation
  • Providing emergency contacts and services

Property managers or property management companies cannot apply for strata dispute resolution. They also cannot be named as the respondent. The CRT Rules require that a strata corporation must act through an authorized member of the strata council.

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