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Strata Management & Property Management Tailored for Fraser Valley & Lower Mainland Communities.

Strata & Property Management in Fraser Valley & the Lower Mainland

At APM, we understand that the heart of property management lies in the personal touch. While big names dominate the Vancouver and Fraser Valley property landscape, we bring a refreshing change. Our approach is tailored to your needs with the efficiency and expertise of industry leaders.

Strata & Property Management in Fraser Valley & the Lower Mainland

Strata Management

Associated Property Management (APM) is bringing its top-tier residential strata management services to Fraser Valley & the Lower Mainland. Renowned in the Okanagan Valley for exceptional service, APM distinguishes itself through swift responsiveness and an in-depth understanding of legal and accounting intricacies relevant to strata management.

  • Fully licensed under the Real Estate Act of British Columbia
  • Seasoned strata managers and property managers who thoroughly know the Strata Property Act.
  • Dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication, we ensure calls are typically returned within 24 hours.
  • Supported by a robust team of licensed strata and property managers and professional accounting and administration staff

APM is committed to elevating residential strata management services in Vancouver’s dynamic property landscape.


Looking to learn more about Strata Management at APM?

Don’t settle for the status quo. Join the growing number of satisfied clients who have made the switch to APM, where your property’s potential is our priority. Whether you own a 200+ unit in Langley or a quaint complex in Abbotsford, APM is equipped to elevate residential strata management services in your area.

Residential Property Management

Let us focus on your real estate investment’s growth. In Vancouver’s bustling market, it’s common for real estate trading firms to suggest selling your investment prematurely. At APM, as a property management agency, our expertise is dedicated to optimizing the returns on your investment until its strategic maturity.

We’re committed to the long-term growth of your assets, not quick profits. Together with your insights, we meticulously plan the ideal duration to maximize your investment’s potential, carefully considering tax implications and capital gains impact at the point of maturity.

Looking to maximize your real estate investment?

Whether you need a little assistance filling your vacancy with a solid tenant, help with handling a “problem” tenant, or full property management agency services, contact us and request a quote.

What People Are Saying About Us

Enjoy worry free investment property ownership with APM licensed property managers working for you.
"I've worked with almost a dozen of property managers and Abduol is by far the best one. He is easy to work with, knowledgeable and quick to respond. While some property managers might let a lot of issues slip through the cracks, Abduol is organized and always on top of things."
Ka Ho
Leveson Council
"Abduol has been great to work with. Since supporting our team our building is more secure, maintenance issues get resolved quickly and we are finally seeing a much better community. Abduol is quick to get back to you and stays on top of our community issues and concerns."
Tony Ciulla
Uniktown Council President
“Abduol has been our Strata’s PM for the last 14 months. He has been very easy to work with, provides good advice and has been timely with all correspondence. It has been a pleasure working with Abduol.”
Bruce Schiewe
Council President

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